Hello, my name is Rich.  My story and reason behind this blog started back on the weekend of October 5th 2013.  That weekend i started to experience severe dry mouth where I was having to take sips of water almost every minute or so.  This went on the entire weekend to the point where i got barely any sleep.  Finally Monday morning around 3:00AM i couldn’t take it anymore and took off to the ER with my wife.  By this time my throat was feeling swollen and I felt like i couldn’t breathe. To make a long story short, I was diagnosed with having unilateral vocal cord paralysis of the right vocal cord which was caused by something viral.  The vocal cord paralysis caused me to have Vocal Cord Dysfunction.

For months my life was miserable.  I had a constant feeling of a lump in my throat and when the nerve of the vocal cord spasmed it would cause my lymph nodes and soft tissue surrounding my vocal cords to swell making me feel like i could not breathe.  I would then have to rush to a clinic or ER to get a shot of steroids and get a Rx for Prednisone.  Months went by like this causing me to gain 50 lbs, be miserable and on Xoloft and Xanax to help cope with symptoms. My Initial ENT told me there was nothing that can be done and if my symptoms got too bad he could just Trache me.  It took everything i had not to jump out of the chair i was in and possibly Trache him.

I then started doing research on the internet.  I knew at the core of my problem was the inflammation.  One thing led to another and i came across this recipe. The recipe has been used for many years

The feeling of a lump in my throat has disappeared.  I am totally off Xoloft and Xanax.  It has been over 2 months since i have had to go the clinic or ER.  My blood pressure has never been better.  My bad cholesterol has lowered.

My wife has been dealing with Hashimoto’s Disease for the last three years.  She has been to 7 different doctors to get treated for her symptoms  None of them have been able to help.  On day 6 of being on the Miracle Juice my wife noticed she was feeling better and the miracle juice was helping her with her symptoms.  She has never felt better.  This home remedy is truly amazing.

I am posting this because i feel it made such a drastic change in my life and since I now feel as good as I do, I had to share this with the world.  If i help just one person out there then i did the right thing.  What truly baffles me if how doctors don’t talk more about this remedy they must know.  I think it has been around for more than 4000 years.

Good luck and I hope you get your life back as well.


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